Marble Restoration

5 Star Facilities Services LLC. can provide the marble or stone restoration services you need,  quickly and correctly.

Simple cleaning and advanced restoration work, our specialists are prepared to complete your project to the highest possible standard of care and quality.


5 Facilities Services LLC. can handle cleaning and restoration work on a huge selection of materials. In addition to such natural stone surfaces as granite, marble, travertine, terrazzo, slate, ceramic, and limestone, 5 Facilities Services ,LLC . also works on artificial stones.

Kitchens or offices, indoor or outdoor, residential or commercial, our specialists can get the job done perfectly.

If you wish, we can also perform a sample restoration on a small area, and then give a quote for a larger project.

A Complete Polishing and Restoration Service

5 Facilities Services, LLC. uses the best technology and equipment available. In many cases, we can repair damage that you may have thought too severe to ever be corrected.

Each repair starts with an extensive assessment by our professional craftsmen.

We will determine which specific techniques will be most effective in your situation, such as marble polishing and honing or other types of stone restoration. stain removal and polishing deals with discoloration and dull spots, and bring out the natural color and luster of your stone or marble surface.

Cracks and chips can be expertly filled by our trained staff. 

Expertly Trained Staff

At 5 Facilities Services ,LLC. we have a highly trained team of expert staff members. The world-class level of our craftsmanship and training truly sets us apart.

All technicians are fully insured and trained in all equipment and techniques necessary. We guarantee that if you are not satisfied by your services within 15 days, we will come back and redo the job at no additional cost.

This also covers any accidental staining or damage done within the 15 day period. 

We are available 24 hours a day to ensure that jobs can be handled quickly and efficiently in case of emergency situations.


OFFICE PHONE: 561-410-5514
PHONE OR TEXT: (561) 701-7502


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